Manufacturers’ Advanced Services: IoT Whitepaper

The rise of IoT as a revelation in manufacturing has been well documented, with research confirming its effectiveness as a route to implementing advanced services.

A considerable amount of manufacturers now see accelerating advanced manufacturing service profitability as a chief reason for boosting IoT investment, with plenty of opportunity expected to apply their expertise beyond production, smarten after-sales care and uphold healthier customer relationships.

However, there is little research available to highlight the exact effects that IoT has on manufacturers’ service business. A recent Noventum whitepaper has tried to plug this gap, focusing on how IoT impacts:

  1. A manufacturer’s service profitability growth
  2. The development of sustainable competitive advantage for the service business

It explores these areas by analysing how manufacturers’ service models are categorised, the scope for IoT progression and the core implications. It also offers some key guidance for preparing your business for IoT, implementing the technology and successful strategy. It goes onto offer manufacturing decision-makers hands-on advice for leveraging opportunities made possible as a result of IoT.