HSO Consumer Retail Survey Results

The direction of retail continues to journey along the path of omni-channel engagement, high customisation and increasing consumer loyalty. Consumer retail needs to be able to fully leverage these strategies and influence high sales and a single encompassing view of customers across channels – whether that’s in-store, online or on social media.

What do customers expect?

To dig a little deeper into current trends, we undertook a survey of 60 consumers to explore the expectations that they feel retail brands should be meeting when it comes to multi-channel consumer engagement and personalisation.

By conducting the survey, we obtained knowledge on what consumers want from retailers, what channels they prefer and how they react to highly personalised communications.

Key findings

The key findings from the survey were:

  • 36% of respondents would be prepared to provide more personal information in return for targeted offers
  • 50% of respondents felt their favourite retailer didn’t know their likes and dislikes
  • 66% of respondents felt that retailers do not have a complete picture of their spending habits across channels


Many are in agreement that highly customised retail messaging and promotional sales techniques are the most fruitful, but many retailers are not able to fully impose this due to poor systems and processes.

In integrating optimum levels of personal service, retailers can utilise a leading approach for loyalty, sales and profits, with the knowhow and skills needed to follow up on the promotional promises offered to customers and leads.